Learn how to prepare basic meals for yourself or your family and improve your culinary skills.

Let Chef Rock assist you in preparing a gourmet meal for your next dinner or social gathering. Let´s go shopping together for the best food and wine without breaking the bank. If not, Chef Rock can do all the work by preparing your meals in your own kitchen or delivering your meals to your home. Impress your friends at your next barbeque by introducing your personal chef to your guests.


Purchase a personal gift certificate for your family, co–workers, and friends. What a great gift for a new mother returning from the hospital, school graduations, Valentines Day, birthdays, elderly, holidays, or classes on weight loss ⁄ food seminars.


Nutrition, Safety, Science, Tools and Equipment

Basic Knife Skills

Meat, Fish and Poultry Identification and Fabrication

Stocks, Soups and Sauces

Sautéing, Frying, Roasting, Barbequing, Grilling, Broiling, Braising, Stewing and Poaching

Plating and Presentation

Spend time with Chef Rock and learn how to taste wine like a professional.

If you´re serving poultry, fish, steak or dessert Chef Rock will teach you how to match the perfect wine with your menu with out coming close to breaking the bank. Learn how to read the wine list at your favorite restaurant with confidence.

Contact Chef Rock for tips on finding current wine deals in your neighborhood.

Let Chef Rock organize your next wine and cheese party.

Chef Rock assisted the famous celebrity Chef Daisy Martinez on a production for Food University at a Time Square, Manhattan studio.

Chef Rock also worked as a Sous Chef at the prestigious LL Dent Southern Restaurant on Long Island, New York.

Special Events & Engagements: Obama Fund Raiser, Brooklyn, NY;
Army´s Cooking Show, Weddings, Private Parties, and Instructional Classes etc.

Chef Rock lived 18 months on the Polynesians Islands of the South Pacific with intensive efforts spent on Samoan Cooking. Currently, he is writing a documentary culinary book, The Umu, Ancient Cooking Methods of Samoans. The Umu, will be released Spring 2018.
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